Zai Apolonio

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Tesla Fan Creating CyberRoadster From Roadster & Cybertruck

David Andreyev, a youtuber known for his obsession with the Tesla electric vehicles, is set to come up with his own customized version of Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck. David, “Cyber Hooligan” on YouTube, is taking the Tesla vehicles to another level by mashing up both the vehicles and creating a CyberRoadster.

NASA And Axiom Reveal New Spacesuit For Moon Mission

NASA and Axiom revealed their new spacesuit for the Artemis III moon mission. The Artemis III mission is a moon landing mission that will put humans on the moon’s surface in 2025. The new spacesuits are designed to be more flexible and mobile than the traditional Apollo suits.

Senators Introduced Bill To Ban TikTok In The US

Considering the Chinese app, a national security threat, a dozen of US senators have introduced a bill seeking to ban TikTok. The new legislation will give the commerce department the power to impose restrictions on apps and technologies that pose national security to the US.

Scientists Set To Convert CO2 To Energy To Save Climate

As carbon dioxide continues to explode, scientists are worried about the future of life on earth. Scientists are improvising to come up with innovative ways to convert CO2 to something that can help reduce its effect on the environment.  Professor Andrew Bruce Bocarsly said we can convert CO2 to energy, but doing it is a big challenge.

Germany Governement Announces Feminist Foreign Policy

Germany’s government announced new foreign policy objectives based on feminist guidelines. Germany’s left-wing government introduced its new foreign policy agenda on the principles of feminism and equal representation of both genders. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock along with Development Minister Svenja Schulze presented the new foreign policy guidelines.

Tomato Shortage Causes Pizza Crisis In UK

Tomatoes flow to the market has been restricted amid a decrease in its production across Europe. Britain’s favorite vegetable will not be readily available because of national shortages. The soaring tomato prices have caused a Pizza crisis forcing Pizza chefs to increase pizza prices.

Medical Aircraft Crash Killed 5 In Northern Nevada

Care Flight operated plane crashed in northern Nevada carrying 5 passengers. The passengers included a plane’s pilot, flight paramedic, flight nurse, patient, and one of his family members. The PC 12 fixed-wing aircraft crashed near Stagecoach, 25 miles southeast of Reno.

Researchers Developed Firefighting Robot For Indoor Fire

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous professions around the world. The chances of firefighter injuries are high as they act in lethal circumstances during their missions. Researchers from Spanish universities namely Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid have developed a robot that can assist firefighters in indoor emergencies reducing chances of injury.

South Africa Joins Naval Exercises With Russia & China

South Africa, Russia, and China are holding joint naval exercises off the coast of South Africa. The 10-day military drills were criticized by the US as it shows indirect support to US rivals. Russia sent one of its best ships, Admiral Gorshkov, equipped with Zircon hypersonic missiles. 

Deadly Ebola-Like Virus Detected In Africa

The World Health Organization has confirmed the outbreak of a new deadly virus called ‘Marburg virus’ in Equatorial Guinea. At Least nine people died because of the Ebola like virus, according to WHO. In 2014, the Ebola virus killed 11,310 people in two years in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Researchers Say Air Pollution Causes Depression In Adults

Researchers have been increasingly focusing on the adverse effects of air pollution to human cognition and overall brain. A latest study has unearthed a link between air pollution and depression in the adult population. 1.5 million out of total 8.9 million participants were diagnosed with depression, the study mentioned.