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Scientists Say Some People Can Smell Rain Before It Arrives

Smelling rain before it even arrives? this may sound weird but there are people who can literally smell the rain before it even pours down upon us. The secret lies in the unique smell we encounter after the rain, a smell of fresh soul often referred to as the smell of rain. 

Man & His Dog Rescued After Missing At Sea For 3 Months

A man and his dog were rescued after being stranded at the sea for 3 months. Tim Shaddock, from Australia, and dog Bella were finally rescued by a tuna trawler and its helicopter flying over the ocean. Tim was in good health and neither him nor his dog suffered any injuries, doctors said.

New York Serial Killer Finally Arrested After 13 years

After a thorough 13-year investigation into the Gilgo Beach killings on Long Island, law enforcement officials have filed charges against a 59-year-old individual for the murder of three out of the 11 victims whose remains were discovered in 2010. The accused, identified as Rex Heuermann, was presented in court on Friday and entered a plea of not guilty.

Deadly Heat Wave Sweeps Across Southern Europe

A deadly heat wave is currently sweeping across southern Europe and northwestern part of Africa. The temperatures remained above 40C in Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Spain and France. Italy could hit the 48C degree mark as more and more people were reported to have collapsed including tourists.

Texas Man Falsely Reported Missing For 8 Years Finally Found

A Texas man who was reported missing by his mother was finally found near southeast Houston church, Texas. The police received a call from someone who told them about a person lying near the church, on arrival the police found Rudy Farias, reported missing in 2015.

People Flew Out In Air As Roller Coaster Crashed in Sweden

One causality was reported, and multiple others were injured after a roller coaster fell to the ground in Sweden. The Grona Lund amusement park’s Jetline roller coaster in the capital Stockholm derailed and stopped in the air, flying people out of their seats.

1.3 Billion Adults Expected To Have Diabetes By 2050: Report

The number of diabetic adults will reach 1.3 billion by 2050, according to a new research study. The report cited health inequality and increasing obesity to be the major causes behind the future diabetes projections. The rate of diabetes will decrease nowhere around the world but instead will surge, the report published in the lancet journal said.

Tourist Submarine Exploring Titanic Goes Missing

A tourist submarine used to explore the wreckage of the Titanic has gone missing, the Boston Coast Guard said. The coast guard officials said they were searching for the missing submarine near the coast of Newfoundland. OceanGate Expeditions, a company who owned the submarine confirmed that one of its submarines had gone missing without providing details of exact number of passengers on board.

Hollywood Actor Treat Williams Dies in Motorbike Accident

Actor Richard Treat Williams who had worked in “Blue Bloods” and “Everwood” has died in a motorbike accident. Williams, 71, was hit by an SUV when it turned over him when he was riding his motorbike in Vermont. The actor made his debut in 1975 thriller film Deadly Hero and was nominated for Golden Globe three times.

Crocodile Isolated For 16 Years Gave Virgin Birth

An American crocodile isolated for 16 years gave a virgin birth. The study could provide an evolutionary insight into the reproductive capacities and features of extinct dinosaurs, the scientist said. The female crocodile has been placed in isolation at Parque Reptilandia in Costa Rica since 2022 when she was only 2 years old.

NASA Expert Says Why Sea Levels Are Rising

Scientists have been repeatedly asking the world leaders and the general public to do something about the rising sea level that directly threatens the lives of millions across the world. A scientist from NASA explained what’s causing the sea levels around the world that can easily destroy the entire human civilization at one point of time in the future.