Scientists Finally Develop Fuel To Sustain Life On Moon

Scientists developed space fuel that can potentially increase the time astronauts spend on the moon. The discovery was necessary for scientists because the moon’s chilling temperature doesn’t allow any sort of life on its surface.

Man With Brain Implant Explains How It Feels To Have One

The robotic future is not coming anymore, because it has already arrived. Once thought to be science-fiction is now possible as more and more people are surgically inserting brain implants to treat neurological disorders and disabilities. Ian Burkhart, having a brain implant since 2014, explains how it feels to have a brain implant.

UAE Astronaut Shows How He Enjoys Sandwich in Space

A video on social media has surfaced showing UAE Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi sharing how he enjoys honey sandwich on the International Space Station. The astronaut took to X to share how enjoys Emirati honey abroad with a slice of bread.

Scientist Reveals The Hottest Place in The Universe

Scientists have an answer for almost everything and they one for the question of the ‘hottest place in the universe’ too. Scientists at the Black Hole Initiative from Harvard University said supermassive blackholes are the hottest places in the universe, especially those that eat gasses.

NASA Space Station is Full of Chemicals, Study Says

 According to a recent research study, the NASA International Space Station is contaminated with harmful chemicals. The study which focused on dust collected by the air filtration system said the filters are filled with huge amounts of chemicals that are dangerous for humans.

Scientists Nearing Discovery of Fifth Force of Nature

A team of international scientists claimed to have been on the brink of discovering a new force of nature. The announcement actually came a few years back when scientists at Fermilab said they were tracking a new phenomenon in physics. 

300,000-Year-Old Skull Never Seen Before Unearthed in China

Scientists in China have discovered a 300,000-year-old skull which has never been seen before. The skull is unlike any other skull the scientists had discovered in the past as the jaws and mandible, HLD 6, are quite different from humans. The new discovery could potentially lead to the discovery of a new branch in the human evolutionary tree.

Scientists Brings 46,000-Year-Old Worm Back To Life in A Lab

Scientists were able to revive a 46-year-old microscopic worm which they found deep inside Siberian permafrost. The worm was in a state of cryptobiosis, a dormancy period where a living creature stops all the metabolic processes for an indefinite time.