Zai Apolonio

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Air Pollution From Oil & Gas Costs US $77 Billion Annually

Air pollution from oil and gas production is costing the American economy around $77 billion annually, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Research: Health. The researchers in the study have revealed the adverse effects of methane emitted by the production of oil and gas in the United States.

Study Says 70% Teens Are Sleep Deprived Due To Social Media

A new report has shed light on the negative consequences of social media on teens, spending hours on social media every day. A study published in Sleep Health journal revealed that 70% teens in Europe and North America are sleep deprived because of social media.

Unmanned Drones Tried To Assassinate Putin At His Residence

Russia has accused the Ukrainian military of trying to assassinate the Russian President Vladimir Putin at his Kremlin residence. Russia said that Ukrainian drones were able to hit the Kremlin building in a failed attempt to execute the President, something which Ukraine denied doing.

Museum Visitor Eats A ‘Banana Art’ In South Korea

A visitor to a South Korean Museum ate a banana that was displayed as an art. The artwork called the “Comedian” was put on display at Seoul’s Leeum Museum of Art by Maurizio Cattelan. The visitor was a student who said he ate the banana because missed his breakfast and was hungry.

FBI Arrests Two For Running Secret Police Station For China

The FBI has arrested two Chinese individuals for running a secret police station in New York. The two Chinese citizens were picked up by the FBI after a prolonged investigation that revealed that the suspects were involved in Espionage against Chinese citizens critical of the government.

China Planning To Build Moon Bases In 5 Years

According to reports from Chinese media, over 100 Chinese space contractors, scientists, and researchers gathered at a conference in Wuhan, to discuss strategies for constructing infrastructure on the moon. The scientific community agreed to start lunar base development by using the lunar soil, within five years from now.

Revolutionary New Camera Predicts Volcanic Eruptions

A new low-cost camera known as SO2, developed by scientists is able to detect volcanic eruptions in advance. Scientists shall be able to forecast volcanic eruptions by using this low-cost camera which is capable of identifying the quantity of sulphur dioxide (SO2) beneath the volcanoes. 

UK Develops Genetic Technology To Prevent Future Pandemics

Genetic mutations in the DNA of viruses still pose grave danger to human survival on our planet. Vaccines and other conventional ways of dealing with viruses cease to work against ever changing viruses with varying DNAs. British researchers are working to develop game-changing technology that can predict Pandemic threats posed by evolving respiratory viruses.

Revolutionary VR Simulation Offers Near Death Experience

Humans have always been fascinated by questions that are related to death and afterlife. Science and other means of discoveries have not yet responded with optimism or denial. A virtual reality stimulator in Australia is aiming to offer people with similar experience, letting people experience the frightening events of death.

Tesla Fan Creating CyberRoadster From Roadster & Cybertruck

David Andreyev, a youtuber known for his obsession with the Tesla electric vehicles, is set to come up with his own customized version of Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck. David, “Cyber Hooligan” on YouTube, is taking the Tesla vehicles to another level by mashing up both the vehicles and creating a CyberRoadster.

NASA And Axiom Reveal New Spacesuit For Moon Mission

NASA and Axiom revealed their new spacesuit for the Artemis III moon mission. The Artemis III mission is a moon landing mission that will put humans on the moon’s surface in 2025. The new spacesuits are designed to be more flexible and mobile than the traditional Apollo suits.