Study Claims To Identify Tombs Of Alexander The Great’s Relatives

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of Alexander The Great’s close relatives in a Greek tomb using X-ray analysis.

According to Live Science, the new study has rebuked the previously held belief that the remains of the great Greek King’s father, his half-brother, and his son were in Vergina, Greece.

Tombs Of Alexander’s Close Relatives Identified

According to a peer reviewed research study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, all the three tombs identified are thousands of years old.

The researchers said the three tombs contain Alexander’s half-brother, King Philip III Arrhidaeus, and his teenage son, Alexander IV.

Researchers were able to identify the individuals after taking x-rays from the skeletons and compared them to detailed descriptions of the family members.

Alexander’s father had a knee injury during the time of his death, and researchers found a distinct mark in the x-rays.

Live Science reported that although the tombs were discovered 50 years ago, the debate on who was buried where, continued to this day.

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