World’s 100 Worst Polluted Cities Are in Asia, Report Says

A recent report about worsening air quality claims that nearly all of the 100 cities worldwide with the worst air pollution in 2023 were located in Asia.

The shocking numbers highlight the alarming impact of the climate crisis on global health, especially for countries with high vulnerability to climate crisis.

83 Cities in India

IQAir’s study focused on fine particulate matter, or PM2.5, which poses significant health risks when inhaled, contributing to respiratory illnesses and other health issues.

The report indicates that 83 of these highly polluted cities were in India, with pollution levels exceeding World Health Organization guidelines by over 10 times.

In India alone, 1.3 billion people live in areas where air quality is significantly below WHO standards.

Vulnerable Countries

Central and South Asia ranked poorly in terms of air quality, with countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Tajikistan facing severe pollution challenges.

Experts emphasize the urgent need for major changes in energy infrastructure and agricultural practices to address the root causes of air pollution and safeguard public health.

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