Israel Blocks GPS Fearing A Potential Iranian Attack

Israel has blocked GPS in its territory following its airstrikes in Syria, targeting the Iranian embassy.

The decision was taken to mitigate potential Iranian response in face of mounting domestic pressure to avenge the consulate killings.

Israel Fears Iranian Attack

Iranian backed proxy groups and its affiliates have come under increasing attacks from Israel in Syria after the October 7 attack.

The latest attack was unique as Israeli fighter jets targeted an Iranian consulate, a sovereign territory of a representative country.

Iran vowed to avenge the killings of its two top generals who were killed in the attack. 

Experts Suggest A Potential Attack

Political and military experts believe Iran will respond but it all depends on the Iranian military leadership to decide.

Attacking a consulate should not be taken lightly as such attacks are mostly respond with military power.

The US intelligence community had not yet picked up information suggesting Iran-backed groups were looking to respond.

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