Revolutionary VR Simulation Offers Near Death Experience

Humans have always been fascinated by questions that are related to death and afterlife. Science and other means of discoveries have not yet responded with optimism or denial. A virtual reality stimulator in Australia is aiming to offer people with similar experience, letting people experience the frightening events of death.

Oil Companies Must Be Charged With Homicide, Experts Say

Legal experts have suggested charging the fossil fuel companies of Homicide for causing severe and irreversible damage to the environment. While some may think it’s a little extreme, the lead authors of the new study suggest that large oil companies must be charged with homicide for putting the entire humanity at risk.

Asteroid Study Uncovers Mystery Of Life On Earth

The origin of life on earth has always been one of the most interesting subjects of discovery for scientists. The strongest of theories that suggest how life on earth originated credits our solar system for the inception of living beings. A team of scientists have found a key ingredient of life taken from the asteroid Ryugu in 2018, suggesting that life on earth could have come from space.

Massive Tornadoes Devastate Mississippi Killing 23

Intense tornadoes have shattered parts of Mississippi on Friday night. Large number of buildings were destroyed in rural regions, where most of the dead were reported. More than 23 people were reported dead, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

Expert Cautions Why You Shouldn’t Sit With Your Legs Crossed

We may not have noticed because of the comfort, but sitting crossed legs can have hidden consequences. Researchers from two South Korean universities concluded that sitting crossed legs can cause blood flow restriction, misalignment of the spine and shoulders.

North Korea Tested Underwater Nuclear Drone

North Korea has successfully tested an underwater drone capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The new weapon tested in the waters off South Hamgyong province has the capability to cause a “radioactive tsunami”, a tsunami coupled with unleashing radioactive substances.

Man Charged With Murder After Burning Elderly Men In UK

A young man has been charged with attempted murder of two elderly Muslim men in different cities of England. The 28-year-old suspect Mohammed Abbkr was seen setting fire to two elderly men on two different occasions, after the victims were coming out from a mosque.

Car Crash At Construction Zone Kills 6 Workers In Maryland

Six workers were killed when a car entered a construction area in Baltimore County, Maryland. According to Maryland police, the car entered into the temporarily built concrete construction walls and six workers working at the construction site were run over and killed.

Study Shows Cocaine Use Has Accelerated In Europe

Cocaine use has drastically increased in Europe, a European monitoring agency said. Researchers from the Europe-wide SCORE group, along with the EU drugs agency, collected wastewater samples from 54 million people and around 104 cities across Europe. The results revealed that major cities like major European cities like Belgium, Spain, Portugal has a drug problem. 

19% Of UK Population Have Mysterious Hearing Condition

Most people have never heard of the term ‘misophonia’, a mysterious hearing condition that has affected 20% of the United Kingdom. One in five people in the UK suffers from misophonia, which makes up 19% of its population. Misophonia is a disorder in which people are extremely irritated by normal sounds like chewing, breathing, yawning, sounds that normal people never attend to.

‘TikTok Is Cocaine’, Former Trump Official Says

Former Trump official said that the video sharing platform TikTok is cocaine amid serious western allegations against the app. Keith Krach, the undersecretary of State for economic growth, in the former President Trump administration argued that TikTok preys on children due to the way it is programmed.