Teen Dies After Being Struck By Lightning While Hunting

A Florida teen died after being struck by lightning in Florida. The 16-year-old girl named Baylee Holbrook, along with her father, both fell to the ground when a lightning struck a tree during a hike. Mr. Holbrook later woke up to find his daughter unconscious, who died after two days in a hospital.

Scientists Discover Europe’s Oldest Shoes in Spanish Bat Cave

Scientists have discovered Europe’s oldest shoes in a Spanish cave. The sandals which are thought to be around 6000 years old are made of grass, scientists said. The study which was published in the scientific journal ‘Science’ labeled the discovered items to be well-preserved items to date.

Blow To TikTok As Indonesia Bans Social Media Transactions

Indonesia has officially banned business transactions on social media platforms. The policy was formulated to protect the local businesses from being undermined by foreign companies. TikTok has much to lose due to the new government policy as the country is its second biggest market after the US. 

Police Arrests Suspected killer of Baltimore Tech CEO

The Baltimore Police Department has arrested a suspected killer of Pava LaPere, a tech CEO. The police have yet to release further details at a news conference today. The suspect Jason Billingsley was successfully arrested after being on the run for days. 

BBC Helped Rescue Six Women Trapped Inside Refrigerated Van

BBC reported that they helped rescue six women who were allegedly trapped inside a refrigerated van. The women included 6 Vietnamese and 2 Iraqis were migrants who contacted the BBC in distress. The news agency alerted the police and helped them track the van, resulting in the arrest of the suspected driver.

US Soldier Who Crossed into North Korea is Back in US Custody

The US has secured the release of one of its soldiers who crossed the border into North Korea two months ago. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Army Private Travis King is back in US custody as he thanked partner countries who helped in securing his release.

Man Asked To Compensate Police After Fake Kidnapping

An Australian man who faked kidnapping has been asked to compensate the police. The man named Paul Iera faked his own kidnapping on the New Year’s Eve when he wanted to spend the night with another woman instead of his partner. The Wollongong court ordered Iera to pay $10,334 to the police for investigation expenses.

6 Young Activists Take 32 Countries To Court Over Climate Change

A group of six young people have filed a lawsuit against 32 countries for inaction against climate change. The group of individuals, including 3 siblings from Portugal, accused the EU member states for failing to reverse the impact of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Canadian Parliament Accidently Honors A Nazi Veteran

The Canadian parliament accidently honored a Nazi soldier who fought with the Nazi in the second world war. The Ukrainian soldier, Yaroslav Hunka, was celebrated as a “Ukrainian Hero” by Canada’s House of Commons. The House Speaker Anthony Rota apologized when he realized that Hunka served in 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division, accused of killing jews.

Why French Ambassador And Troops Are Leaving Niger?

The French government finally decided to leave Niger after ordering the diplomats to return back to the country. The Niger coup leaders in Niger hailed the decision as a victory for their country. Here, we briefly explain why France is leaving Niger, a landlocked country shattered by extremist violence.

Freight Train Crashes Into SUV Killing 6 in Florida

A freight train crashed into an SUV at a Florida railroad crossing, killing 6 people including children. According to the local media, the SUV was attempting to cross the railroad when a freight train crashed in the middle of it, shattering the SUV into pieces.