Zai Apolonio

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Poland Will Not Supply Arms To Ukraine Over Grain

Poland said it’ll not be supplying arms to Ukraine amid tensions over grain exports. The Polish Prime Minister has said its country will focus more on equipping itself amid growing border tensions of Belarus, a key Russian ally.

YouTube Restricts Russell Brand From Making Money

YouTube has restricted Russell Brand from making money on the platform after the sexual assault allegations. The monetization was suspended amid allegations of sexual assault against the comedian-turned-influencer. Brand has more than 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which makes $1.2 million a year.

Slot Machines Go Down in Cyber-Attack On MGM Resorts

Casino and hotel giant MGM Resorts in Las Vegas came under cyber attack resulting in malfunctioning slot machines and online room booking systems. The firm assured the customers that it was facing a cybersecurity issue, due to which they were closing down certain systems.

UN Warns Sand Dredging is Devastating Ocean Life

Humanity dredges around 6 billion tons of sand from the oceans and seas every year, risking the lives of both the marine life and indigenous communities, the UN warned. The warning surfaced as sand dredging is gradually increasing as more and more private companies are capitalizing on the abundant natural resource. 

Idalia Hurricane Blows Flamingos As Far As Ohio

Flamingos have been found in Ohio after being blown across the country by the Idalia hurricane. The public was shocked to see the birds as they have never seen the creatures in the area before. Experts suggest that flamingos were blown off by the Idalia storm which hit Florida last month. 

Wagner Mercenary Chief Prigozhin Dies in Plane Crash

The second most important figure Prigozhin in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine died in a plane crash. The private jet that took off from Moscow and was headed towards St Petersburg was shot down in the air, killing all ten passengers on board.

Russian Luna-25 Spacecraft Enters Moon Orbit

Russian space craft has entered the lunar orbit and set to become the first Russian spacecraft in 50 years to reach moon. The Luna-25 is expected to land on the moon’s southern pole to investigate frozen water. No country on earth has achieved the milestone for landing on the southern side ever.

Three Russian Spies Arrested & Charged in UK

The United Kingdom has arrested and charged three Bulgarian nationals for spying for Russia. The suspects were charged for spying for the Russian security services along with multiple fake passports. The three individuals were arrested along with two others in February and were kept for investigation by the Metropolitan Police.

King of Jordan Criminalizes Online Speech, Activists Shocked

The King of Jordan has passed a bill to criminalize online speech that threatens national unity. The latest legislation has received widespread condemnation from human rights organizations calling the bill “draconian”. The legislation will seriously undermine freedom of speech and their right to information, but Jordan said is aiming at keeping the country united.