Idalia Hurricane Blows Flamingos As Far As Ohio

Flamingos have been found in Ohio after being blown across the country by the Idalia hurricane. The public was shocked to see the birds as they have never seen the creatures in the area before. Experts suggest that flamingos were blown off by the Idalia storm which hit Florida last month. 

Birds Are Stressed Out

Experts have warned bird-watchers to be careful when they engage the pink birds. Jerry Lorenz from the bird research group Audubon Florida said, the Flamingos are stressed out as they just encountered a terrible journey. It may not be a good idea to go near the pink-birds when they are stressed out, he said. 

Storm Disturbed Bird’s Journey

Mr Lorenz further said that the storm didn’t just blow them off the ground, but it did so when the birds were in the air. He said they were still going through the data to figure out the total number of flamingos being blown off by the storm. 

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