Amsterdam Bans Cruise Ships To Curb Pollution & Over Tourism

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has banned cruise ships in a bid to decrease pollution and over tourism. The Amsterdam administration enforced the ban after the city council proposed to shut the cruise ship terminal in the city.

Cruise Ships Defy City Goals

A spokesman for Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Hester van Bure said the cruise ships and over tourism were not in line with the city’s sustainable objectives. Recently, Ilana Rooderkerk of the liberal D66 party, compared the cruise ships to “plague of locusts” as it drastically increases the number of tourists, who seem to care less for the environment. 

Amsterdam Sails Better Without a Cruise

Following an online campaign with a slogan “Amsterdam sails better without a cruise”, the city administration banned the cruise ships as it puts pressure on the quality of life in Amsterdam. According to a 2021 study, the daily emissions from one cruise ship is equivalent to 31,000 trucks.

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