Scientists Say Some People Can Smell Rain Before It Arrives

Smelling rain before it even arrives?, this may sound weird but there are people who can literally smell the rain before it even pours down upon us. The secret lies in the unique smell we encounter after the rain, a smell of fresh soul often referred to as the smell of rain. 

Petrichor, The Smell of Rain

Now here is how it gets more interesting as there is no one factor to the rain smell phenomenon known as Petrichor. The term was first coined by two Australian scientists in 1964 who observed that an oily substance released by plants during dry weather and chemicals released by bacteria in the soil. The process mostly takes place when it is about to rain & the smell gets stronger until rain arrives.

Role Of Thunders

Thunderstorms also contribute to Petrichor by generating the fresh smell of ozone through lightning and electrical discharges. Prof Maribeth Stolzenburg from the University of Mississippi states that thunderstorms, rain, and lightning enhance air quality by washing away dust, aerosols, and particulates.

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