Wagner Mercenary Chief Prigozhin Dies in Plane Crash

The second most important figure Prigozhin in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine died in a plane crash. The private jet that took off from Moscow and was headed towards St Petersburg was shot down in the air, killing all ten passengers on board.

Putin Behind Prigozhin’s Assassination?

Experts are speculating that Putin could have ordered the elimination of Prigozhin. Prigozhin was the primary figure who led a coup against the top Russian military brass for 2 months, something impossible for Putin to forget. The villagers also recalled hearing a loud bang before the plane came down crashing, suggesting a hit from the ground.

Ukraine Not Involved

Meanwhile Ukrainian authorities also confirmed that they have nothing to do with the plane crash. “Everyone is aware who is involved”, Ukrainian President Zelensky told reporters. Sources within the UK military told BBC that it is highly likely that Russia’s FSB intelligence agency was involved.

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