France Highest Mountain Loses Two Meters Ice in Two Years

highest mountain of France

France’s highest mountain has lost 2 meters of ice in the last two years, according to a research study.

Mont Blanc’s peak was recently measured at 4,805.59 meters, which is 2 meters less than in 2021. The mountain is measured every two years to highlight the impact of climate change.

France Highest Mountain Losing Ice

In September 2023, surveyors from the Haute-Savoie department reported that the tallest mountain in Western Europe had been measured at 4,805.59 meters, which was 2.22 meters less than its 2021 measurement.

Since 2001, researchers have been regularly assessing this peak every two years as part of their efforts to understand the effects of climate change on the Alps. 

The Roof of Europe

Mont Blanc is commonly referred to as “the roof of Europe,” as it attracts an annual influx of approximately 20,000 to 30,000 climbers.

The mountain reached its maximum recorded elevation of 4,810.90 meters (15,783 feet and 79 inches) in the year 2007.

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