Scientists Discover Asteroid Containing Unknown Elements

Asteroids have become a focal point of interest in the recent past.

Scientists now claim to have discovered an asteroid which contains elements unknown to humans.

Scientists say that the asteroid 3 Polyhymnia is considered so dense that it may contain elements not found in the periodic table.

Asteroid 33 Polyhymnia in the solar system

Elements Are Unknown To Humans

Scientists from the University of Arizona proposed that asteroid 33 Polyhymnia could house mysterious substances, exceeding the limits of what is currently known.

While Earth’s Periodic Table comprehensively records all established chemical elements, the asteroid’s composition still needs to be discovered, according to experts.

The Most Dense Element

Scientists said the elements comprising the asteroid have no match in density.

According to the press release, the objects in the asteroid exceed the densities of everything found on the surface of Earth, making it an exciting adventure for scientists.

The studyΒ was published in The European Physical Journal.Β 

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