Israel says 600 People Killed in Hamas Terrorist Attack

After a surprise attack on the southern Israeli border, the Palestinian militant groups have killed 600 Israelis, Israel said. The death toll includes hundreds of civilians targeted by the militant group Hamas. 

Why Hamas Attacked Israel?

The militant group took Israel by surprise when it unleashed more than 7,000 rockets.

Hundreds of its fighters infiltrated the Israeli border, killing and capturing hundreds of soldiers and civilians.

Hamas blames Israel for decades-long provocative actions and desecrating the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque several times.

Who is Hamas?

Hamas is a political organization that took power in a coup in 2007. The group mainly controls the Gaza strip, which has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt since 2007. Experts believe the group has been supported by Iran’s Hizbullah, who also attacked Israeli military posts recently.

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