Tyson Foods Recalls 300,000 Lb Nuggets After Metal Pieces Found

The food giant Tyson Foods was forced to recall 300,000 pounds of nuggets.

The firm was quick to make the decision when a minor oral injury was reported to the US Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The company announced it to reduce injuries to its customer base in 9 states. 

Tyson Foods Recalls Nuggets

The US food processor Tyson Foods said in order to avoid any injuries to the consumers, they recalled 300,000 lb of Nuggets.

The food giants said they had shipped the nuggets to distributors in nine US states including California.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the company is recalling this product (the nuggets),” the company said.

Tyson Already in Crisis

Tyson has already been struggling with keeping up to sustain itself after a drop in the demand.

Last year, it was forced to shut several of its chicken processing units.

The consumers shifted back to cheap poultry when the beef prices went ahead this year. 

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