Poland Will Not Supply Arms To Ukraine Over Grain

Poland said it’ll not be supplying arms to Ukraine amid tensions over grain exports. The Polish Prime Minister has said its country will focus more on equipping itself amid growing border tensions of Belarus, a key Russian ally.

Poland initially sent hundreds of tanks and some fighter jets when Russia invaded Ukraine last year.

Poland’s Grain Ban

The fracture in the relations appeared when Poland along with Hungary and Slovakia imposed restrictions on the import of grain from Ukraine.

Poland said the restrictions will support the domestic farmers, but Ukraine warned it’ll lodge a complaint to the World Trade Organization. Poland also summoned Ukraine’s ambassador over the comments made by the Ukrainian President.

No Weapons For Ukraine

The decision to restrict sending arms to Ukraine is expected to derail the sacrifices made by Ukraine’s armed forces. In a bid to secure itself against potential Russian aggression, Poland is indirectly helping Russia gain a strategic foothold in the war.

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