Dog Survives 10 Weeks in Mountains Beside Dead Owner

A rescue mission has rescued a dog alive after the pet’s owner died beside it.

The rescuers said they found the dead body in the Colorado mountains.

The BBC report said that the dog survived for two months hunting small animals in the mountains.

Moore’s dog Finney

Story of Survival

The climber named Rich Moore went to climb the Blackhead Peak on 19 August but never returned.

Mr. Moore’s pet dog, Finney, somehow survived all these days by hunting small animals and protecting itself from predators.

After two months, a hunter spotted Mr. Moore’s body along with weak Finney, who was lying beside the dead body.

Rich Moore

Dog Joins Family

According to the Associated Press, who spoke to Mr Moore’s family, the dog was tough enough to survive such rough and dangerous terrain.

“We are very glad… that Finney was returned to the family”, a member of the rescue team, Taos Search and Rescue, said. The family didn’t reveal any details about the reason why Mr Moore died.

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