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Scientists Reveal Lonely People Process the World Differently

In a new research study, brain scientists were able to notice varied differences in the brains of lonely people. People with low outside engagements tend to see the world differently, as compared to extroverts. The research was published in the scientific journal ‘Psychological Science’.

Why Do Some People Live Longer? Bacteria Holds The Answer

Wrinkles, aging, diseases and finally death, we are afraid of everything related to aging. But why is it that some people live longer than others and millions across the globe die well before the 70s or 60s. Researchers experimented and concluded that the intestinal bacteria of people who live longer are very unique as compared to those who don’t.

Study Says AI Can Predict Pancreatic Cancer 3 Year Ahead

Scientists have been able to predict one of the most aggressive types of cancers by using AI tools. In an article published in Nature Medicine, researchers applied AI tools to worldwide cancer cases and were able to detect those at risk of pancreatic cancer in the future.

New Electric Method Can Heal Wounds 3X Faster, Study Says

This may sound shocking, but scientists have developed a method that can speed up the healing of wounds three times faster when stimulated with electric current. Researchers at Chalmers and the University of Freiburg have developed an astonishing method that can treat wounds much faster, with far greater efficiency.

Research Reveals Tigers Have Human-Like Personality Traits

Humans have multiple personality traits, two of them are commonly known as introversion and extroversion’. And just like us, tigers have two personality traits, new research suggested. The two traits are somewhat similar to that of human’s personality traits we just mentioned. 

Honesty Makes You Physically More Attractive, Study Shows

An interesting experiment has revealed a fascinating link between honesty and physical attractiveness. In a list of four experiments, researchers were able to conclude that people find the faces of honest individuals as more attractive, regardless of their gender or clothing.

Study Shows Bad Oral Health Causes Brain Damage

Who would have thought that maintaining oral health that hardly takes 5 minutes, could have such phenomenal effects on our overall body. We typically link oral hygiene with how our teeth appear to audiences not knowing there’s a hidden dimension to it. A recent report mentioned that bad oral health can have negative effects on the brain.

Earth’s Core May Have Started Spinning In Reverse

A recent research study has indicated that the earth’s inner core may have started spinning in the opposite direction. The nature of spinning has been a matter of debate among scientists for decades. The research mentioned that in the inner core of the earth, there exists a hot iron ball-like structure, more like the planet Pluto, that either may have stopped spinning or have started spinning in the opposite direction.