New Electric Method Can Heal Wounds 3X Faster, Study Says

This may sound shocking, but scientists have developed a method that can speed up the healing of wounds three times faster when stimulated with electric current. Researchers at Chalmers and the University of Freiburg have developed an astonishing method that can treat wounds much faster, with far greater efficiency.

Game Changer For Diabetic Patients

This breakthrough finding has the potential to revolutionize the healing process for individuals, such as the elderly and those with diabetes, who frequently suffer from wounds that wouldn’t heal. The idea behind healing wounds with electricity is based on the conception that skin cells migrate directionally in electric fields. The researcher noticed striking healing differences between two wounds, where the one electrified was able to heal faster than the one without electricity.

No Side Effects Reported

The electric field generated by the electric current was as low as 200 mV/mm and had no side effects, the study showed. By using this new technology, the researchers will be able to grow artificial skin which can be studied effectively in a controlled and efficient environment. Looking at the statistics of WHO regarding Diabetes, this new technique can heal one of the biggest health problems worldwide.

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