Research Reveals Tigers Have Human-Like Personality Traits

Humans have multiple personality traits, two of them are commonly known as introversion and extroversion. And just like us, tigers have two personality traits, new research suggested. The two traits are somewhat similar to that of human’s personality traits we just mentioned. 

Study was conducted at University of Amsterdam

Majesty & Steadiness

The majesty trait usually resonates with the extroversion trait of humans. What it means is that tigers that majestic are so, because they eat a lot, have higher group status and reproduce more as compared to the steadfast ones. Steadfast are the introvert ones, they are more friendly, loving, had no higher group status and had no aggressive tendencies.

Chinese Words

Abdel Abdellaoui, a joint-first author of the study said that the words are required to be filtered as they might indicate something else in English. Abdellaoui said that the words were Chinese, and their translation could lose some meaning, but that can be avoided after further scrutiny.

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