Honesty Makes You Physically More Attractive, Study Shows

An interesting experiment has revealed a fascinating link between honesty and physical attractiveness. In a list of four experiments, researchers were able to conclude that people find the faces of honest individuals as more attractive, regardless of their gender or clothing.

Good Is Beautiful Effect

The good is beautiful effect states that things that are generally considered as unpleasing looks so because of the individuals engaged in them. In simple words, attractiveness works both ways, those who are physically attractive tend to be favored and vice versa. Attractive individuals are often given more leniency when it comes to unethical behavior, according to plenty of previous research.

Greeks Sculptures Are Evident How They Perceived Beauty

Honesty & Attractiveness Goes Both Ways

The research study showed that it’s not only the physical facial features that makes someone seem honest, honesty itself makes people appear more attractive. The Greeks had this concept that beauty comes from inner perfection, rather than the outlook of individuals. Plato believed that beauty is in the way someone lives their life.

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