Earth’s Core May Have Started Spinning In Reverse

A recent research study has indicated that the earth’s inner core may have started spinning in the opposite direction. The nature of spinning has been a matter of debate among scientists for decades. The research mentioned that in the inner core of the earth, there exists a hot iron ball-like structure, more like the planet Pluto, that either may have stopped spinning or have started spinning in the opposite direction.

Planet Beneath Our Planet

The inner core floats in an outer core of liquid which allows the inner core to spin independently. The inner core is approximately 5000 km beneath the surface of our planet earth. The research published in the journal Nature showed that the rotation of the inner core stood still in 2009 after which it started spinning in the opposite direction.

Inner Core Rotates Back & Forth

The researchers from China’s Peking University revealed that the inner surface normally “swings” back and forth. Each swing is equal to around 7 decades. So far, it has not been made clear what effects it would have on the earth’s inhabitants, the research said.

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