Study Shows Bad Oral Health Causes Brain Damage

Who would have thought that maintaining oral health that hardly takes 5 minutes, could have such phenomenal effects on our overall body. We typically link oral hygiene with how our teeth appear to audiences not knowing there’s a hidden dimension to it. A recent report mentioned that bad oral health can have negative effects on the brain.

Teeth: Your body’s early warning system by Marielle Pariseau

Risk Of Silent Stroke

The aim of the study was to uncover any potential link between the oral health and the brain damage of all the 40,000 participants taking part in the study. The participants were analyzed for 7 years, from 2014 to 2021. The researchers found that participants who were genetically prone to tooth decay and other related issues showed higher amounts of damage from a silent stroke. Silent strokes are hard to notice but do cause permanent damage to the brain.

What’s The Relationship?

Now the question is, how our oral health determines our brain health, to which Dr. Parul Dua Makkar has an answer. Plaque building or infections carry harmful bacteria that can harden our arteries eventually blocking them, resulting in strokes, she said. 

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