Scientists Reveal Lonely People Process the World Differently

In a new research study, brain scientists were able to notice varied differences in the brains of lonely people. People with low outside engagements tend to see the world differently, as compared to extroverts. The research was published in the scientific journal ‘Psychological Science’.

Brains Of Lonely Individuals

Elisa Baek, an assistant professor of psychology at the USC Dornsife divided her participants, 66 first-year college students, into two groups, i.e. lonely & non-lonely. She scanned all the brains with a technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging or the fMRI. After analyzing the scan reports, Elisa noticed a drastic change in the thought processing of the lonely participants.

Lonely People Are Different From Each Other

One of the most interesting things Elisa found out was that lonely people are also different from other lonely individuals. The researchers also expressed a desire to explore people with quality friends but are mostly lonely from inside. 

Reference: “Lonely Individuals Process the World in Idiosyncratic Ways” published in Psychological Science.

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