Why Do Some People Live Longer? Bacteria Holds The Answer

Wrinkles, aging, diseases and finally death, we are afraid of everything related to aging. But why is it that some people live longer than others and millions across the globe die well before the 70s or 60s. Researchers experimented and concluded that the intestinal bacteria of people who live longer are very unique as compared to those who don’t.

Living Longer With Good Viruses

Researchers from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen studied 176 individuals, all centenarians, and said that there was something unique in the intestinal bacteria and viruses of those individuals. The study concluded that certain viruses inside the guts of participants were responsible for eating the bad bacteria and preventing the host from diseases.

Microbial Diversity Leads to Longer Life

The lead author of the study Joachim Johansen observed that individuals they studied had good microbial diversity which helped in disease prevention. People with higher diversity of both the bacteria and bacterial viruses were “protected against aging related diseases”, he said.

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