Scientists Design Drug That Mimics All Benefits of Exercise

Scientists successfully tested a new drug that mimics the effects of exercise in the body. The drug was able to use body fat as energy and also increased the metabolism of mice. The drug is still to be tested on humans but scientists are optimistic about the outcomes.

New Method Lets Scientists Modify Individual Animal Cells

Individual animal cells have been quite difficult for scientists to isolate. Knocking out a single gene and then studying it separately has proven to be difficult in certain diseases, where scientists find it difficult to isolate genes. A new technique known as CRISPR-Cas9 has made it easier to analyze individual animal cells precisely.

Scientists Develop Human Embryo in A Lab Without Sperm Or Egg

We couldn’t have imagined an embryo developed without using sperm or egg to create it. Scientists were able to create a human embryo without using any of the ingredients required for it. The embryo successfully developed vital embryonic features such as egg yolk and placenta outside a human womb.

Why Bats Are More Dangerous To Humans Than Other Mammals?

Bats became the center of attention when the covid hit 4 years ago. Recently, researchers from the US and Canada have revealed that bats carry highly infectious viruses that can prompt another pandemic. The research concluded that bat viruses are far more dangerous to humans than any other mammals.