Scientists Design Drug That Mimics All Benefits of Exercise

Scientists successfully tested a new drug that mimics the effects of exercise in the body. The drug was able to use body fat as energy and also increased the metabolism of mice. The drug is still to be tested on humans but scientists are optimistic about the outcomes.

Test Done On Obese Mice

Researchers from the University of Florida developed a drug that could help humans lose weight and gain muscle mass without exercise. The test was done on obese mice because the scientists were interested in analyzing the impact on fat tissues. The researchers, led by Thomas Burris, observed that mice burned more calories without any physical activity, during 28 days of experiment. 

The pill can revolutionize lives of diabetic patients

More Research Needed

The initial results of the trial were encouraging, but researchers said more trials has to be conducted. The side effects primarily worry the scientists, which can be avoided with more research.  If the drug develops successfully, it can revolutionize the lives of individuals dealing with obesity and diabetes, the study said.

Study Reference: A Synthetic ERR Agonist Alleviates Metabolic Syndrome

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