Air Pollution Cuts Lifespan By Five Years in South Asia

A new study has revealed that air pollution has reduced life expectancy in South Asia by five years. Air pollution has fatal consequences for human and animal lives on the planet, and the research still lacks certain facts.

Such news about South Asia is far from good as the region is home to 25% of earth’s population.

Region Lost Half Of World Years

The study published by the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute mentioned that the region has some of the world’s most populated countries, & the consequences  could be terrible. The region lost nearly half of the global population out of the total lost to air pollution. 

South Asia Losing Life Years

The countries directly affected by the loss of years in expectancy are India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and pakistan. India’s capital Delhi is considered to be the most polluted megacity in the world, where life expectancy has declined by 10 years.

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