Physician Removed Live Worm From Australian Woman’s Brain

Physicians removed a 8cm long live worm from the brain of an Australian woman. The neurosurgeons were shocked to see a living worm inside a human brain. Something which has never happened in the past.

MRI Scan Didn’t Reveal The Worm

The 64-year-old woman patient was first admitted to a local hospital in January 2021. Back then, she complained about having abdominal pain, followed by a continuous dry cough, fever and night sweats.

Later in 2022, she also developed symptoms of forgetfulness and depression. Even an MRI scan didn’t reveal the worm that had been living inside her brain for years.

Worm Is Found in python Snakes

After careful examination of the worm, scientists categorically labeled it a python infecting worm. The worm was identified as Ophidascaris robertsi, who had never been found inside humans before. Although the patient didn’t remember a direct encounter with a python, scientists said she could have touched the feces of a python in the grass.

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