Health Expert Reveals The Best Time To Sleep

Getting quality sleep at the right time can do wonders for each and every living organism on the planet and have a profound impact on humans.

Not getting enough sleep can make one feel lazy and face different psychological problems if it becomes a habit.

According to Healthline, it’s both about quality and the sleeping patterns that decide a healthy sleep.

Sleep Clock

Our internal biological clock is naturally designed in such a way that it goes side by side with the external environment.

The sun rises up early in the morning and sets, signaling a relaxed phase where humans can get sleep to be prepared for the next day.

That is why scientists recommend sleeping early to avoid daytime sleepiness.

No Magic number

While some researchers suggest 10 pm as an ideal time to sleep, sleep disorders expert Colleen Lance denies that anyone has to follow any magic number to get better sleep.

Dr. Lance. Stresses on consistency rather than a number to have a quality sleep.

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