Half of World’s Population Yawn When They Hear The Word

Humans yawn but the reasons are still unknown. Research suggests that 55% of people yawn when they hear the word “yawn”, but why we do so, remains unclear. Data suggests that the behavior might have social and physiological importance.

You Will yawn When people Do

Significant amount of research has supported the idea that an individual is more likely to yawn if someone around him/her yawn. Psychologists have proven that if a person is more empathetic, he or she will yawn if someone physically or emotionally close yawns.

Not A Sign Of Boredom

Yawning is not a sign of boredom or laziness either. On the contrary, when we yawn, the hormones released inside the body briefly increase the heart rate and alertness. So actually when someone yawns, it is the body’s attempt to keep itself alert to avoid danger. 

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