Smoking Suppresses Injection As Leading Method of Drug Use in US

Smoking has surpassed injection usage as a method of drug use, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study mentioned.

The CDC was forced to look into the problem after they received reports of people suggesting that smoking was becoming more common than injecting drugs.

Smoking Surpasses Injecting

According to the study published on Thursday, the CDC claimed that more and more people are now turning towards smoking, as previously injecting was the main method of drug use.

The CDC study mentioned that smoking fentanyl was as dangerous as injecting it, contrary to what people believe.

Smoking has low concentration of fentanyl, but the consequences are as dangerous as injecting

Concentration is Different

Researchers from the CDC argue that the concentration of fentanyl in a syringe and a pipe differs.

The only difference is how the skin of the drug users appears to people around them.

Smoking fentanyl can cause serious inflammation in the lining of the respiratory tract, leading to coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

On the other hand, injecting can cause other skin diseases, including hepatitis.

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