Jaclyn Strauss

Jaclyn Strauss, CPA is a mid-level executive for a Fortune 100 company with multiple passions. She is the founder of her own company called My Macro Memoir and has become a leading efficiency expert by putting her skills and knowledge to work by creating a secure place for families to digitally organize themselves with the thinking done for them. Jaclyn leads with her heart in all that she does and has a passion to serve the greater good of her local community and beyond.

X is Not Longer A Healthy Platform, German Agency Says

A German agency has announced to quit X, previously known as Twitter, over increasing hate and intolerance on the platform.  Germany’s Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency accused the platform of not regulating anti-minority sentiment, putting many lives in danger. 

house speaker Kevin McCarthy

US Avoids Government Shutdown in Last-Minute Deal

The US government averted the much-anticipated government shutdown after a deal. The last-minute deal between the republicans and the democrats was welcomed by both parties. The senate and the house agreed to fund the government temporarily for 45 days after passing the bill.

Why is Wales Reducing The Speed Limit To 20mph?

In an effort to reduce burden on the National Health Service, Wales has reduced the speed limit to 20 miles per hour. The Ministers Have argued that the decision to lower the speed limit will reduce death toll and noise pollution across the nation.

US Launches $1bn Plantation Project To Mitigate Climate Crisis

The US government has launched a tree plantation project worth $1 billion to mitigate the impact of climate change. Communities around the United States will share the fund in order to plant trees to reduce the extreme heat. The money will be available to the public in the form of 385 grants to people across all 50 states.

Police Stops Car With A Huge Bull In A Passenger Seat

The Norfolk police department officials stopped a car for carrying a huge bull in the passenger seat. The police were shocked as they couldn’t believe the car could carry such an animal. The police said they thought they would find a small calf after hearing from the locals, but what they found out, it was a huge bull.

Video Shows Moment A Drone Hits Skyscraper in Moscow

An explosive drone hit a high skyscraper in the Russian capital, Moscow. Videos circulating on social media showed a huge explosion as the under-construction skyscraper was being targeted by military UAVs. While it is obvious that the attack has been orchestrated by Ukraine, the Russian neighbor has not claimed responsibility.

British Museum Sacks Employee For Stealing Artifacts

The British Museum has sacked one of its own employees for stealing artifacts from the Museum. The stolen items include jewelry, gold, gems and other precious stones. The suspect responsible is a staff member of the British Museum in London, an impressive tourist destination in the UK. The Museum said they were working with investigative experts to recover the stolen or any damaged artifacts.