Russia Tests Massive Intercontinental Nuclear Missile

Russia has tested a massive Yars intercontinental ballistic missile to warn against aggression.

The Russian parliament approved the nuclear Test shortly after the President revoked the country’s ratification of a global ban on weapons.

Kremlin statement said the strike was a response to the enemies of Russia.

Putin Oversaw Test

Al Jazeera’s report said the Russian President oversaw the nuclear stimulation strike.

The Test involved firing the ballistic missile from a submarine and a bomber aircraft.

The Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of Armed Forces briefed Vladamir Putin on the operation.

It is not the first time Russia has flexed its nuclear muscles as it has done so multiple times.

Is Russia Preparing For Nuclear War?

After Russia invaded Ukraine, it threatened to use nuclear weapons multiple times.

While the possibility of nuclear confrontation remains thin, experts believe even minor rhetorics are enough to expand existing conflicts.

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