X is Not Longer A Healthy Platform, German Agency Says

A German agency has announced to quit X, previously known as Twitter, over increasing hate and intolerance on the platform.  

Germany’s Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency accused the platform of not regulating anti-minority sentiment, putting many lives in danger. 

Racism Rising on X

The agency’s commissioner, Ferda Ataman, announced in a statement they are suspending the agency’s operations on X because of a rise in racism.

“X is no longer a sustainable environment for a public agency,” the commissioner said.

The Anti-Discrimination Agency said they couldn’t tackle the rising level of hatred as more staff will be recruited.

Anti-Semetism is Rising

The agency specifically mentioned anti-Semitism and said X was not doing enough to curb it.

Multiple state and non-state agencies have urged Elon Musk to ensure the platform is a healthy place for people around the globe. 

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