Why is Wales Reducing The Speed Limit To 20mph?

In an effort to reduce burden on the National Health Service, Wales has reduced the speed limit to 20 miles per hour. The Ministers Have argued that the decision to lower the speed limit will reduce death toll and noise pollution across the nation.

Move Will Save NHS £92m A Year

The proponents of the move said the decision to reduce the speed limit will save the NHS £92m a year. First Minister Mark Drakeford argued some people are going to have more confidence to cycle which will reduce air and noise pollution. Reducing the speed limit does reduce the death rates as it had happened in Spain, where death rates were reduced by 80%.

Opposition To New Speed Limit

While the decision was hailed by the environmental and road safety groups of the United Nations, some disagree with the administration. United Kingdom’s parliament leader Penny Mordaunt described the decision as insane. Some members of the Labour Party also disagreed with the new speed limit saying it’ll damage the economy.

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