Police Stops Car With A Huge Bull In A Passenger Seat

The Norfolk police department officials stopped a car for carrying a huge bull in the passenger seat. The police were shocked as they couldn’t believe the car could carry such an animal. The police said they thought they would find a small calf after hearing from the locals, but what they found out, it was a huge bull.

Police Gave Warning

After stopping the individual, the police gave warning to him by saying they will take action if he did so again. The man responsible was ordered to take the bull back home as it could threaten the lives of the public. The video also went viral on social media when locals filed a complaint to the police against a man carrying a bull in the passenger seat. 

Driver’s Creativity

After the initial assessment, the police found out that the driver was being ultra-creative as he replaced the car door with a metal barred guardrail, used for cattle enclosure. The driver literally emptied all passenger seats to fit his bull friend. 

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