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Biden Wants Putin To Resign Immediately

President Joe Biden stated on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power,” increasing international pressure and unifying NATO allies against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia Says It Has Executed 81 Convicts In Single Day

This was the largest mass execution carried out by the kingdom in its modern history. Saudi Arabia executed 81 people on Saturday who had been convicted of crimes including killings and belonging to militant groups. There were more people executed than were executed in the January 1980 mass execution of those suspected of seizing the

Powell Informs Congress That YThe Fed Will Raise Rates This Month

Powell Informs Congress That The Fed Will Raise Rates This Month

In a high-stakes effort to curb inflation, Fed Chair Jerome Powell made it clear Wednesday that interest rates will go up this month. Powell warns about the uncertain financial ramifications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in prepared testimony he will deliver to a congressional committee. In light of the war and the sanctions the United

working from home

The Next Generation Of Workers May Never Work In An Office

Working from an office has always been the norm for years and years and generations and generations. But is that all about to change? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people (and offices) have switched to working from home. This has benefited the next generation as they are able to work more while enjoying the

Slovenia To Hold April 24 Parliamentary Vote amid Divisions

Slovenia To Hold April 24 Parliamentary Vote Amid Divisions

President Borut Pahor announced Wednesday that parliamentary elections will take place on April 24. As a result of political divisions in the small European Union nation, the right-wing Prime Minister Janez Jansa’s popularity will be put to the test. The earliest possible date in accordance with electoral law is chose by Borut Pahor. Differences in

Cyclone Pounds Madagascar With Torrential Winds And Rain

Cyclone Pounds Madagascar With Torrential Winds And Rain

Madagascar (AP) — After landing on the island east coast of Madagascar late Saturday, Cyclone Batsirai is pelting the island with torrential rains and powerful winds. According to the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management, there have been 45,000 people displaced by the tropical storm. According to the island’s meteorology department, the cyclone made

EU, US To Resume Trading Oysters, Mussels After Long Dispute

An agreement between the European Union and the United States has ended a decade-long trade dispute and will allow oyster, clam, mussel, and scallop trade to resume at the end of February. In 2011, due to a difference in regulatory standards, live mollusk trade had stopped between EU and U.S. Spain and the Netherlands will

Storm Malik Hits Northern Europe With Force; At Least 4 Dead

Storm Malik Hits Northern Europe With Force; At Least 4 Dead

The snowstorm that swept through northern Europe this weekend claimed the lives of at least four people, destroyed houses and vehicles, closed bridges, caused flooding and forced transport to halt, and left tens of thousands of people without electricity. The Nordic region was affected by Storm Malik on Sunday, with strong gusts of wind, heavy

Ruling Party Figures Say Poland Has Pegasus Spyware

Ruling Party Figures Say Poland Has Pegasus Spyware

Poland’s senior government officials indicated on Friday that the country had purchased sophisticated spy software developed by the Israeli firm NSO Group, but denied that it was being used against political opponents. As reported by the Associated Press, the hacking of the phones of government critics, including a senator who ran the election campaign for

UK Gives 23 More Post-Brexit Permits To French Fishermen

Britain has granted another 23 licenses to French fishermen, a government spokesperson said Saturday. The news comes after a deadline set by Paris to resolve their post-Brexit battle over fishing rights and it is speculation as of yet how this will affect the relationship between England’s two countries. France has threatened legal action against London