Report Shows Donald Trump Paid No Income Tax In 2020

The battle to unveil the tax returns of the former US president Donald Trump has finally come to an end as the committee in the House of Representatives has voted to make the details public. The committee of “The Ways and Means” voted 24-16 in order to release the tax records. According to the documents, Trump paid zero income tax in his last year of presidency.

Three-Year Legal Fight

Last month, after a three-year legal battle, the US Supreme Court gave the go-ahead for the impending delivery of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to a congressional committee. According to the report released, the former president and his wife paid some form of tax returns in the four years which later decreased in the later years of presidency. When Trump was in office, he refused to make the tax returns public although major-party heads did so.

Politically Motivated Documents

The documents were considered to be politically motivated by DOnald Trump’s spokesman. Steven Cheung, Trump’s organization spokesman called it “injustice” and said this “can happen to all Americans”.

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