Hacker Leaks 128GB Data Of Russia’s Surveillance Program

Russia has been repeatedly accused of running a mass surveillance program that targets its own citizens especially those who tend to disagree with Putin. Recently, A Hacker group has released 128 gigabytes of documents showing how Putin is illegally monitoring citizens across Russia.

“Green Atom” 

Anonymous released 128GB of documents through a Twitter post, which they claimed to have obtained from the Russian ISP, Convex. The hacker group stated that Convex initiated a project known as “Green Atom,” which involves the installation and management of monitoring gear to keep tabs on the online behaviour of both Russian citizens and businesses. The hacking group claimed that the mass surveillance program is run by Russia’s Federal Security Service.

SORM, Russian Surveillance System

The Russian government is known for tapping calls and messages of millions of Russian citizens, through the System for Operative Investigative Activities (SORM) system. Established in 1995, SORM’s primary function is to spy on Russian citizens by accessing the data of customers of one of the country’s largest phone providers like Mobile TeleSystems (MTS). 

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