China Reveals First Ever Hard X-ray Photo Of The Sun

The Chinese Academy of Sciences recently published an image of the sun in a unique fashion. There has never been such imaging of the sun before this. It released a very interesting Hard X-ray Image of the biggest star in our solar system. The instrument used is called HXI or Hard X-ray Imager.

Hard X-ray Imager

The HXI imaging instrument, one of the three main payloads on the Advanced Space-Based Solar Observatory (ASO-S), has performed a number of in-orbit tests and functions since the ASO-S was launched into orbit on October 9. So far it has been noticed that the launch is able to achieve its goals. 

The Observations

The first photograph of HXI to be made public depicts an M-class flare that occurred at 1 a.m. in the morning on November 11. The satellite observatory had been on the field for 20 days. Scientists claimed to have compared the images with that of Solar Atmospheric Imager (AIA) on the Solar Atmospheric Imager (AIA), clearly showing improvements.

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