Ex-NASA Scientist Drops An Egg From Space Without Breaking

Eggs are pretty easily smashed as their hardcovers offer little protection when there is a strong force. It is because the egg cover is not made for such potency. How about dropping an egg from the first floor of a building? It’ll obviously break because of the amount of force involved.

Dropping An Egg From Space

How about dropping an egg from space? An ex-NASA scientist and a Youtuber did the same thing. Mark Rober thought about it for 3 years and finally managed to drop an egg from space and see if it’ll break. To our surprise, it didn’t. He describes his experiment at the beginning of the video and reveals that he had originally considered dropping an egg from the tallest structure in the world. Later on, he decided to drop it from space after all.

Running Multiple Tests

In the video, he can be seen conducting tests before he finally launches the rocket. However, they initially fail, and the eggs eventually crack. He nevertheless travels on with his crew and chooses to do the experiment differently.

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