Turtle Found Entangled In £40 Million Worth Of Cocaine

A viral video showed a sea turtle intertwined in £40 million worth of cocaine. The sea turtle was rescued by the US Coast Guard (USCG) in the eastern pacific. The turtle was later released by the coast guard members after capturing it in the ocean.

Turtle Entangled In 800 Kg Of Cocaine

800 kg of Cocaine Recovered

The coast guards were lucky to have found exactly what they were looking for, Cocaine and an animal that required an immediate rescue. The coast guard’s video showed a turtle entangled in 800 kilos of cocaine, around 26 different packages in total were recovered. The turtle also seemed hurt as it had marks on his neck. “He may have been there a day or two,” Commander Jose Diaz said.

Coast Guard Happily Freed It

Video showed the coast guards releasing turtles back to the waters. Sea creatures are vulnerable to such incidents at sea either due to oil or fishing nets. It seemed like the coast guards were very happy to rescue the little buddy as they had an interesting conversation with the turtle. Jokingly one guard said that they were releasing the turtle “After a period of lengthy questioning”.

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