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Dev Gutta is an experienced journalist, with 10+ years in the news and media industry. He’s passionate about storytelling and has a knack for finding the most interesting stories in the world and telling them in captivating ways. He went to the University of the Philippines and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communication.
dog driving a car

Slovakia Police Fines Motorist Whose Dog Was Behind Wheel

Police in Slovakia fined a car owner whose dog was seen on the front seat, driving the car. An image, posted by police, from the speed camera in the village of Sterusy showed a smiling dog driving a Skoda. The 31-year-old car owner argued that the dog suddenly moved towards the front seat when the camera took the photo.

Canada PM Stuck in India After Plane Breaks Down

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to return back to the airport after a technical glitch was reported. The PM along with his entire delegation is expected to spend one more day in the Indian capital, Delhi. Alternative Arrangements To Be Made The Canadian Prime Minister was scheduled to return back home on

Spanish Football President’s Mother Locks Herself In Church

Mother of the Spanish football president has locked herself up in a local church to protest an “inhumane hunt” against her son. Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish football federation, has been facing intense criticism when he kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips.

Al Qaeda Terrorists Call For Attacks on Sweden & Denmark

The international terrorist organization, Al Qaida, has threatened to carry out attacks in Sweden and Denmark after Quran burning incidents. The statement was issued by the organization’s official channel “As Sahab” calling upon revenge attacks against the countries for burning the muslim’s religious book a few months back. 

Video Shows Car Driver Runs Over 2-Year-Old Tiger in India

A horrific video of a speeding car running over a 2-year-old tiger has gone viral in India, prompting condemnation all across the country. The female tiger was later identified as a cub of the T-14 tigress from the Nagzira National Park of Maharashtra. The forest officials said the tiger was crossing a highway when it was hit by a speeding car. 

Historic Hawaii Town Destroyed As Wildfire Blazes Through

Shocking scenes have been circulating on social media as much of the historic Lahaina town burned to the ground. The videos showed apocalyptic scenes where people were jumping into harbor waters to avoid the high-rise blazes that destroyed buildings and businesses.

Indian Space Rocket Junk Falls On Australian Beach

A mysterious object that washed up to the shores of Australian beach was debris from the Indian space rocket. The bulk cylinder, about the size of a small car, was first spotted on the beach 2 weeks ago on a beach at Green Head, the capital of Western Australia. The Indian space agency spokesman said it’s for the Australian government to decide what to do with the object.

Professor Resurfaces After Spending 100 Days Underwater

A Professor from Florida has resurfaced after spending 100 days underwater. Dr Joseph Dituri, also known as “Dr Deep Sea,” has set a Guinness World Record for spending 100 days 30-feet underwater at a Florida Keys lodge. The place where Dr Joseph completed the century was depressurized, which means the water pressure was unlike submarines and could potentially pose health problems.

Scientists Looking For Ways To Fry Potatoes In Space

Frying potatoes has been a practice for thousands of years on the planet earth where humans only had to worry about the ingredients. But as it turns out, it is not the case when it comes to frying something far away in outer space where gravity doesn’t work as it does on earth. The European Space Agency is doing research to fry potatoes in space and so far, the agency has been successful.