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Ruling Party Figures Say Poland Has Pegasus Spyware

Ruling Party Figures Say Poland Has Pegasus Spyware

Poland’s senior government officials indicated on Friday that the country had purchased sophisticated spy software developed by the Israeli firm NSO Group, but denied that it was being used against political opponents. As reported by the Associated Press, the hacking of the phones of government critics, including a senator who ran the election campaign for

UK Gives 23 More Post-Brexit Permits To French Fishermen

Britain has granted another 23 licenses to French fishermen, a government spokesperson said Saturday. The news comes after a deadline set by Paris to resolve their post-Brexit battle over fishing rights and it is speculation as of yet how this will affect the relationship between England’s two countries. France has threatened legal action against London

Burkina Faso, Niger Force Says It Has Killed 100 Extremists

Burkina Faso, Niger Force Says It Has Killed 100 Extremists

The joint military operation by Burkina Faso and Niger has killed at least 100 extremists, according to officials. The armed forces of Burkina Faso and Niger have arrested 20 rebel suspects in the last two weeks, according to a joint statement released on Friday. The announcement came after investigators seized significant equipment from these criminals

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Italy, France Deepen Economic, Defense Cooperation

The leaders of Italy and France have signed a historic agreement to strengthen cooperation on defence. The goal is for this partnership to create one big European Union that can stand up against Russia or other outside forces, but it won’t be easy with so much at stake there already seems no stopping them! The

Accidental Gunfire Panic Halted Flights At Atlanta Airport

Panic erupted at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport considered to be one of the busiest in the world when gunfire was shot resulting in three people getting minor injuries in chaos and a pack of flights halted during thanksgiving gateway weekend. The primary report said it was an active shooting, however, officials later cleared that

Iraq’s PM Closely Escapes From Militia Drone Attacks

Mustafa al-Kadhimi, the Prime Minister of Iraq got a close save from three explosive drone attacks on his residence in Baghdad on Sunday. Attack explosions left several bodyguards injured. According to Iraqi security officials and militia sources, the attacks, assumed to be made by Iran-backed militia as a result of pro-Iran groups were rigged out

Biden Commits In COP26 That US Will Lead Climate Control Till Net-Zero

President Biden appealed to the delegates of the UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland to restrain arguments and do something positive as “there’s no more time to hang back or sit on the fence or argue among ourselves.” Biden also mentioned that the U.S. will reduce carbon emissions by 50%-52% with respect to 2005

Biden Administration Compensates To Illegal Immigrants Suffered Zero Tolerance

The White House is making a suitable plan to pay millions of dollars compensation to illegal immigrant families separated at the US-Mexico border in 2018 during the “Zero Tolerance” policy of the Trump era. The Justice Department, Homeland Security & Health & Human Services are considering the amount to be paid to each family. American

Navy Finds Officers & Crew Responsible For USS Bonhomme Fire Case

A Navy investigation for the destruction of the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard in a five-day fire in July 2020 concluded with blaming inability to extinguish the fire where the sailors, captains, and admirals involved were accused with the responsibility. 36 Navy staff including the ship’s captain and five admirals were made responsible for

ITC Ruled Philip Morris Not To Sale IQOS In US To Avoid Patent Conflict

The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled on Wednesday that Altria and Philip Morris will not be allowed to import and sell IQOS heated tobacco devices in a patent case brought by rival R.J. Reynolds. Marlboro cigarettes maker Philip Morris developed IQOS as an alternative to cigarettes and they sell it in the U.S. by Altria,

White Neighborhood Has Cleaner Water Than A Black Neighborhood

For many years now, in Flint, Michigan, the town has been battling with terrible water to the point where they do not have running drinkable water.  This issue has not just affected Flint but also the towns, cities,  and neighborhoods surrounding it.  But not all towns, cities, or neighborhoods have been affected.  Bobbie Clay in