US General Warns Possible Conflict With China

A senior US general has hinted that the US may have to engage with China as early as 2025 due to Taiwan issue. The four-star US Air Force General Mike Minihan said that it is highly likely that the US will engage in a fierce conflict with China in the coming few years.

Pentagon Confirms The Comment By Commander

The remarks made by the head of the Air Mobility Command were confirmed by the Pentagon. He mentioned that the future war will be over Taiwan as the election time approaches in Taiwan. China will likely intervene in next year’s Taiwan presidential elections. The main goal will be to deter and to defeat China, Minihan said.

China Is Preparing For The Conflict

On the other hand, China has been continuously preparing for the invasion of the self-ruled island. China has been conducting military exercises in the Taiwanese strait, provoking the island in every possible way. Minihan also mentioned that for China, “reason, and opportunity are all aligned”.

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