South Korea

North Korea Stimulates Nuclear Strike To Warn The US

North Korea has said they have conducted mock nuclear strike tests to warn the United States. The warning aimed at sending a message to the US that the country was able to protect itself in case of a nuclear war. The country launched several cruise missiles with some of them armed with mock nuclear weapons.

Activist Traveled 300 Km On Jet Ski to Escape China

A Chinese activist has traveled 300 kilometers on a jet ski to escape his country. The man goes by the name Kwon Pyong, is believed to have been critical of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, as per the local media reports. The South Korean Coast Guard arrested the man for smuggling himself into the country, without disclosing his identity.

Soldier Says He Defected To N. Korea Because Of Racism in US Army

A US soldier who crossed the border to North Korea has said he did so because he faced racism in the US army.  Travis King crossed the border between North Korea and South Korea to escape the inhumane treatment, as per the statement released by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Remains of US War Hero Returned After 73 Years

The remains of a US soldier who died in the Korean war in 1950, were returned back home after 73 years. Army Cpl Luther Herschel Story got wounded and killed while fighting in the Korean war and was awarded with the Medal of Honor after the war.

Passenger Arrested For Opening Emergency Door Mid-Air

A passenger was arrested when he opened the emergency door of Asiana Airlines while the p[lane was still in the air. The Asiana Airlines flight landed safely in South Korea, without any harm to the 194 passengers on board. The door was open for an hour and the 30-year-old man was arrested immediately when the plane landed.

Museum Visitor Eats A ‘Banana Art’ In South Korea

A visitor to a South Korean Museum ate a banana that was displayed as an art. The artwork called the “Comedian” was put on display at Seoul’s Leeum Museum of Art by Maurizio Cattelan. The visitor was a student who said he ate the banana because missed his breakfast and was hungry.

South Korean President Sings ‘American Pie’ At White House

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol sang ‘American Pie’ at the white house on Monday. South Korean president is on 6-day visit of the Washington to discuss nuclear threats from North Korea. President Joe Biden praised and gifted a guitar signed by artist Don McLean the South Korean President Yoon Suk.

South Korea Paying $500 To Young And Lonely Citizens

The South Korean government has introduced a new policy of engaging the youth to help them re-enter society. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has introduced a new initiative with the goal of promoting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the South Korean Youth. The program will offer a monthly stipend of up to $500 to assist them leave loneliness and engage with the outer world. The measures also include access to education, job and health support.

South Korea Imposes $32 Million Fine On Google

The South Korean government has imposed a heavy fine of $32 million on Google for squeezing a local video gaming firm. The South Korean governmental body accused Google of exploiting its market dominance by blocking its rivals from releasing video games.

North Korea Threatens War If US Shots Down Its Missile

North Korea has openly threatened the US with Consequences If the latter intercepted any of its missiles. North Korea has been regularly testing its long-range missile prompting condemnation from the US and its allies. Kim Jong’s sister Kim Yo Jong said in her statement that shooting down its rockets would be a declaration of war.

South Korea: 153 Dead In A Crowd Crush At Halloween Party

People fell like dominoes at a Halloween party that killed 153 and injured more than 80 people in South Korea. Most of those killed included young teens in their 20’s mostly women, celebrating Halloween. The incident happened in South Korea’s capital, Seoul. 

Tensions On Rise As North Korea Launched 2 More Missiles

North Korea has constantly been threatening South Korea and Japan with its missile launches. This is the seventh missile launch in just 2 weeks setting alarms in the neighbouring countries. The US, Japan and South Korea have responded with joint military drills after North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan this week.