Travis King: US Soldier Who Defected To North Korea Charged

A US soldier who illegally crossed the border to North Korea has been charged with multiple offenses.

Travis King was charged with solicitation of child pornography, desertion, and assault against fellow American soldiers.

After months of negotiations, North Korea deported Private Travis back to the US.

King Illegally Crossed Border

King was on duty in South Korea when he crossed the North Korean border in October 2022.

North Korean news agency KCNA reported that King willingly crossed the border to escape discrimination in the US Army.

The 23-year-old US soldier was detained for two months before he defected to North Korea.

King Could Be Jailed

According to the BBC, the ex-soldier could face years of jail on desertion charges alone.

His jail term could get long if other charges are proven, including solicitation of child pornography.

He has been accused of willingness to produce child pornographic material.

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