Soldier Says He Defected To N. Korea Because Of Racism in US Army

A US soldier who crossed the border to North Korea has said he did so because he faced racism in the US army.  Travis King crossed the border between North Korea and South Korea to escape the inhumane treatment, as per the statement released by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

King Crossed Border Willingly

King crossed the demilitarized zone between the two countries on 18 July when he was on tour of the Joint Security Area. According to the statement, King crossed the border willingly as he wanted to take refuge in North Korea to escape the humiliation in the US army. The US state department tried to contact North Korea regarding King but there was a response from the other side.

Mother Appealed To N. Korea

Meanwhile, King’s mother urged North Korea to treat his son humanely. Claudine Gates called upon Pyongyang that she would be grateful if she could receive a call from his son just to make sure he is fine. 

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